She walks downtown, Looking for a place to sleep,

While winter creeps, Up her hands and feet,

So I offer her a meal to eat, She don’t want what we seek,

She only wants to clean the street, To stay on the beat,

And all those people with greed, And pay to play the lead,

Try to give us what we need,


Every night, She meditates in a street light,

That burns so bright, Between wrong and right,

I don’t want to fight, what you hide inside,

And if you see that light, and its got you blinded,

Don’t you fight it, You’d just better find it,

Before it burns out,


Something that you’re hiding, Isn’t something worth you doing,

You just start to fool yourself,

Something that you’re needing, Isn’t something worth you missing,

I’d rather ask forgiveness, Than to ever ask permission,


Something Downtown : Lyrics by Jordan Daniels and Josh Daniels