Ship Captain Crew : Lyrics by Josh Daniels & Jordan Daniels

He’s the captain of a houseboat down Mississippi way,

Wears nothing but an overcoat and drinks electric tanqueray,

Traded in the boat and he took off in a plane,

Couldn’t get it off the ground, Road the shoulder down the lane,


He’s the captain of an airplane on the state highway,

Driving with the lights off and likes to live life that way,

Lost all control, He ran into a tree,

Fell onto a circus tent and he started a jamboree,


He’s the king of the freaks living in a jail upstate,

 Digging with a broken spoon, Gonna get out someday,

Climbing the fence, Gives the cell block on last wave,

Guard in the tower had to force him to his grave,


He’s chasing a light on the sky stairway,

Life flashing before his eyes all the memories that he’s made,

Reaches the gate and knows he’s guilty as sin,

Had to turn around, Saint Peter wouldn’t let him in,