One With Nature : lyrics by Josh Daniels

Deep in the woods outside society,

Two big eyes staring down at me,

Eight foot off the ground, what could it be?,

Lurking in the shadows, where no eye could see,


Everyone left they thought I was crazy,

Stood still and quiet throughout the night,

Started to become one with nature,

I spy on the owl in his flight,


Don’t know where he went,

But I went looking,

Could something so thick move so quick?,

Don’t know where he went,

So I quit looking,

Don’t know what became of him,


Woke up with the dew in the morning light,

Started bare footing through the pines,This foot print is bigger than mine,

He’s been following me this whole time,

Started to dream of things that can’t be real,

Open minds and free meals, Open doors to all that heals,

Running through the woods, just for the feel,