Guide Me : by Jordan Daniels w/ Justin Crabb

Calm me,

Still water,

You run so deep, and so do I

Green bird,

I lost her,

Staring in the water at the sky,


Orbiting the sun like millions of others,

A spec of light under an infinite shadow,

Just another flea on the back of existence,

I’ll ride the time, wherever it goes,

Guide me,

Guide me, where you go


Deep down,

In the ocean,

A big lost ship hides all the love,

 Swim down,

Just to find,

Big tall trees and I’m climbing up


Just another astronaut on spaceship earth,

A pinhole in that big bold sky,

Lost in thought, looking for reason,

In the corners of my circular mind,

Guide me,

Guide me, where you go


Show me a way, That I can’t see,

That I don’t believe, but you know is real,

Show me a way, That I don’t know,

But I see, Through what you believe,

 Show me the way, that I can dream,

Show me the place, outside of me,

Show me live energy,

Show me something cosmic- in me,

 Guide me,

Guide me, where you go