Friday (10/5) Shifters – Peoria, IL ~ Saturday (10/6) Freakalb – Dekalb, IL

October 1, 2012
afternoon moon

We had such a great time celebrating the Harvest Moon in Ottawa to a packed house of Moon Family at Berta’s Patio.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you everyone that came!  We’re not slowing down this weekend- as we will be tromping the moon sound to Peoria AND Dekalb!

This Friday (10/5) we return to Peoria, IL at Shifter’s Pub– and we’ll be joined by our good friend Chicago Farmer! Together, we’ll be celebrating opening night of the movie “Bailout” by Sean Patrick Fahey, an independent film maker originally from Peoria. It will be showing at the historic Apollo Theater.

And Saturday (10/6), we’re coming back up to The House Cafe in Dekalb, IL for FREAKALB 3. Freakalb is a biannual celebration of music, art, and freaks thrown by artist Pat “Meerk” Marek & The House Cafe. The show runs for 3 days, and we’ll be closing out the final night! Other acts on Saturday include Bonzo Terks, Pete Jive, Brothers Rage, and more! We’re so excited to be back for our second Freakalb at one of our favorite Illinois venues.