“Comparisons” streaming free today, with some words about the song from Josh

March 27, 2014
afternoon moon

Today, we are sharing a free stream of the first song off Dance in the Rain, “Comparisons”.  Here is some insight about the song from our very own, Mr. Josh Daniels-

“Comparisons has been in the cycle of songs for over a year waiting to be recorded. It was written in gratitude to all founding members of the band still keeping the jam alive after many years. It’s based on the idea that music inspires many things, and many things inspire the music. The lyrics were written while observing one of many live artists that paint while music is being played on the festival stage, and though the music only lasts the duration of a set, the artwork lasts forever. But it is not only music. It’s just the same to say if a hammer and nails were colors on the pallet, than some could paint a beautiful home for one to rest his head. Everything is beautiful artwork, and when in comparison with the other, they are similar if not the same in the emotion that it takes to create it. No matter the medium, my hat is off to you. The 2nd and 3rd verse were changed to included the sun and rain as a nod towards the terrible flood that tore apart Jordan and I’s childhood home last year, and the music that helped us get through the situation. It was a very emotional time, and instead of drowning in the flood, we raise up our instruments and dance in the rain.”

We hope you enjoy, and if you would like to purchase the album, please visit our MOON MERCH STORE