Afternoon Moon is twin brothers, Josh (guitar/vocals) and Jordan Daniels (keys/vocals), Justin Crabb (percussion), and Louie Giacobbe (bass).

The Daniels twins have been partners in music since a very young age- always sharing their songwriting, inspiration, and musical talent. They started their careers as live performing musicians in 2004. The Daniels’ lyrical expression offers depth, wisdom, insight, honesty, and fun. Their high energy on-stage antics, creative songwriting, and live performances had gained much popularity in the years following their first live performances. In pursuit of their journey to express their songwriting to its full potential, they decided to seek out musicians for a project of their own. This project would later come to be known as Afternoon Moon.
The winter of 2009 brought on the collaboration with percussionist Justin Crabb. Crabb’s percussive technique combined rhythms of many different styles of music. Prior to working with the Daniels brothers, Crabb had been performing in local jazz ensembles, symphony-orchestras, steel bands, and studying West African percussion. It was his unique style of playing that the Daniels were seeking to bring to their songwriting. Upon meeting in 2009, Crabb and the Daniels twins began collaborating on what would come to be known as Afternoon Moon.
It was not until 2011 when the trio had met bassist extraordinaire, Louie Giacobbe, that Afternoon Moon would be complete. Crabb had met Giacobbe while attending college. Giacobbe had gained recognition as a music major, proficient on electric bass as well as the upright bass. Upon playing music together for the first time the Daniels twins, Crabb, and Giacobbe knew that Afternoon Moon had found their sound.

Afternoon Moon is primarily based in the Central Illinois River Valley. The band has a captivating sound that has been described as psychedelic roots rock ‘n’ roll that flows into funky grooves with melodies you can sing along to. The lyrics are memorable- speaking of adventure, passion, searching for experience and understanding.
Live performances have become a must see, with a vintage infusion of sonic improvisation and an honest homegrown feel. Afternoon Moon has built a reputation of a funky and energetic performance with dedicated musicians.
Growing fast in the Mid-West with two albums under their belt, there is no sign of stopping. Afternoon Moon has independently toured across seven states, and performed at hundreds of venues and music festivals in the Mid-West over the past three years. They seek to see the country through the power of their music. Dueling twin brothers with an incredible funky back beat provided by Giacobbe and Crabb, Afternoon Moon is an experience you won’t soon forget.