Change is Good

September 22, 2011
afternoon moon

Yes, the rumors are true.  Since our return from Colorado we have unanimously decided to go in search of a new bass player before we start work on our second album.  We wish Luke the best in his future, but something had to be done.  This was a mutual decision between all members, and has been a big breath of fresh air for Afternoon Moon as a whole.  The future is bright and we believe in what we are doing and hope that you do too.  We just look forward to keep making our music for many years to come.

We have some raging shows coming up with the help from our friends; some of the Illinois jam scene’s best bass players including Luc Parcell of Bonzo Terks, Breandon Mooberry of Brainchild, and many more.  This weekend, at Tall Tree Lake Music Festival, we will be featuring a true bass monster Louie Giacobbe for a very fresh set of Amoon!